Most of us within the wholesale and retail fashion industry see those waves in our product sales charts with the summer usually being in the valley. Well here is something flying under the radar which you do not wish to tell your competition about. Wholesale hats are picking up steam this season and have been on a steady rise.

Inside the wholesale business we percieve trends developing because retailers nationwide start increasing orders in some accessories. This may be a fad or it could be a trend and trends are important to us because they are long term. Fads certainly are a flash in the pan-usually good for one season-but trends develop with small movements that can come together for wide acceptance and rise and fall over a long period, commonly a decade.

Well bulk wholesale hats are most often undergoing this trend development. 36 months ago cowboy hats was a fashion statement and built to a frenzy level. They’ve revisit earth a bit, but they are still a very good item with more wholesale cowboy hats shipping than every other hat category.

Next over the last few seasons the runways showed models wearing a lot more hats. By the spring preview shows for 2008, it became such a statement that just about any fashion reporter had to notice and reply to it.

Hollywood and the music world will also be within the act with celebrities and performers more than ever before decked outside in hats-way over we saw 2 yrs ago. They can make a massive impression on the young who are pursuing the style of the stars.

Fashion magazines are giving hats more coverage also-sometimes a full page on specific hats likes fedoras. Including the ads are onboard with models wearing hats.

All this is building into something far greater than a summer fad. A trend is building that could carry on for the next a long period. So this is the time to begin staking out your ground because the “hat place” in your town and summer season is enough time to start because hats peak in summer to aid fill in the valley on your sales chart.

Maybe hats are a new comer to you so you must know which wholesale hats to get. Let’s begin with the wholesale hats which are on top of their game right now. This season nothing compares to wide brims and cowboy hats. Those two hat categories will account for over 60% of the casual hat business. Thank Ralph Lauren for promoting gorgeous wide brim hats on the spring runways. Five inch rims are excellent, but super-widebrims (6 inches or even more) would be the statement fashion magazines are hyping as well as the Kentucky Derby saw oodles of these gracing the celebrities. These hats flatter a glance a lot, women almost forget about the sun protection the hats provide. Natural is best, but colors are too good to disregard-especially white, ivory, and black.

Now for your American icon-the cowboy hat. Don’t write the obituary on these super-cool hats that add character and individualism to your look with the simple addition of any hat. Natural or distressed straws in shapeable cowboy hats with rolled brims do best. The amount of celebrities have we noticed in that look? Celebrities actually kicked from the cowboy hat craze with Britney and J-Lo showing up in straw rolled brims and then everyone were required to have one. The plethora of cowboy hats has a lot of options that there is one thing jbocge everyone, but teenagers are the biggest market. Don’t worry about cowboy hats. These are such as the pink bunny that just keeps going and going.

For shops catering to young adults, fedoras and newsboys really are a must. Very little sun protection here-but a bunch of personality. Fedoras and newsboys are celebrity favorites with TV and magazines providing them with gobs of exposure. Wholesale hats shipping this season include a lot of newsboys in the summertime bright colors of yellow, orange, and apple green. Basics like white and black will also be good as well as patterns of pinstripes and polka dots. Fedoras are a bit more toned down with white, brown, and black the most effective.

Other casual hats are also good like kettle shapes with an upturned brim and the ones Gone-with-the-Wind looks in braid-and-sewn straw, however the four key hats we focused on catch 75% or maybe more of wholesale hats which can be selling so pay attention to them first. Please keep this, well…under your hat…so that all our competition doesn’t know what we’re approximately.